My Life


My life is a special gift from God given just to me.
I’m one of a kind because He made me, exclusively!

He planned me to be who I am for I am His design.
Everything He does is right and good because He is divine.

He has a purpose just for me and that’s why I was sent.
I’m not here by chance or from some fluke accident.

Some say we’re the result of evolution, but I say that’s absurd.
Because I trust God completely and I take Him at His Word.

He has given me many blessings and has many more to give.
He helps me take the high road for a better way to live.

He made me just right because everything He does is good.
He equipped me well with special gifts to be all that I could.

I know He watches over me all day and through the night.
I rely upon Him always to help me do what’s right.

He gives me joy and passion and love right to my core.
Patience, strength and courage, He’s given me and more.

He knows my heart and my mind and what I’m all about.
He knows my deepest secrets and He knows when I have doubt.

And when I’m facing troubles, have grief or feel pain,
I know He’s there to help me and more blessings I will gain.

He provides comfort and assurance whenever I feel low.
I know He cares about me just because He loves me so.

I trust He gives me all I need because He knows what’s best.
And when I grow tired and weary, it’s Him that gives me rest.

I look to Him to guide me, where He leads me I shall go.
And when He gives me instructions, I never will say “no”.

At times I sense His disapproval yet I feel His mighty love.
Sometimes I know He holds me back, some times a gentle shove.

He is wonderful and righteous; and He gratifies my soul.
He is sovereign and I’m so glad that He is in control

Through all my joys and sorrow, I put my life into His hands.
Because He has all things worked out within His mighty plans.

I long so much to make the most of all He has given me.
Until the time He calls me home to be with Him eternally.

– – – written by Arlene Spanos

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  1. I found one of my poems “My Life” on your website and would like to submit several other inspirational poems. Is that a possibility?

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