My 1000th Post on TBTG

1000 Posts

Hi Friendz,

Happy to tell all of you that THIS IS MY 1000th POST ON TBTG (Turn Back To God). I thank God Almighty and all of you for your help and encouragement which made TBTG what it is today. This makes Dec 20 more special to me as it adds to the fact that TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. Woww! Thatz kewl, rt?

Lets take a quick look on the origin of TurnBackToGod.Com. I started TBTG on 2008 April 3rd. Herez the link to My First Post on this blog…

Post #01 : The Prodigal Son turning back to GOD

And after that, there has been no “turning back”. Initially during the months of April, May and  June, I posted rarely as I was busy with my Graduation. After that, right from July until now, I think I posted very regularly, on a daily basis. This daily posting helped TBTG to attain a better position in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). So, its been a loooooong nine months!

And where is TurnBackToGod.Com now????  Lemme see…

Stats as on December 20th 2008 :

Google PageRank : 2/10

Alexa Rank : 260,249

Traffic Details —


Total 13,978
Average Per Day 306
Average Visit Length 5:11
Last Hour 19
Today 178
This Week 2,142


Total 36,826
Average Per Day 899
Average Per Visit 2.9
Last Hour 71
Today 517
This Week 6,292

—Courtsey : SiteMeter


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I now take time to  remember and thank all my friends, cousins and all my relatives who provided me most of the resources I have put here. Thanks a lot to all of you and we must meet again…lol!

And my dear readers, I continue to look forward to all  your support and suggestions. You can comment them on any of my posts here, so that they get my attention.

Hoping to see you all in my next post,


(God Bless You All)

13 thoughts on “My 1000th Post on TBTG”

  1. Hi Anand,

    Thanks a lot…I will try my best to keep this close to as it is now (if I continue to have the help of some of the resources you usually forward)…Bye.

  2. Hello Georgy..first,, congratultion for your 1000 post..Second,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. Third,,i used to read your blog everyday and post it to my friends too.. in fact all things you post on this blog is really amazing ..God bless you.. NOTE: im from ppl in Arabic countries are interested soo much by your blog.

  3. Hi Reham,

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation and the B’day wish. Wow! You read TBTG everyday! Thanks, I am so glad to hear that…

    I hope you are using the green “share this” button after each post, for posting to friends because that makes it a lot easier. I am very much thankful to you for sharing my post with ur frndz. Happy to know that ppl in Arab countries are interested in TBTG.

    Egypt! Reham, I will be on a trip to some Holy places next month, including Jerusalem,Israel,Egypt etc…Cant wait to touch your Pyramids!

    I assure you I will try my best to keep TBTG regularly updated.

    Have a great day! God Bless You and All your friendz.

  4. Hello Georgy..You are welcome in Egypt..If You need anything when you are in Egypt i can reach you and help you..just send me mail..The pyramids are great but i wish that you visit old churchs and coptic museum in old Cairo and write about them on your blog. God bless you.

  5. Hi Reham,

    Thnx a lot…I will try my best to see those churches but I am not sure whether our guide has plans to visit those churches.If I get a chance, I will surely write abt those old churches. Have a gr8 day.

  6. Hello again Georgy,

    with God nothing is impossible..just believe!

    I love the prayers andinspiring stories you post… I hope you can share more of them..

    a blessed and Merry Christmas to you and your love ones.

  7. Hi Jose Maria,

    Thnx again! I will try my best to include good prayers and inspiring stories.Ya, you are right…With God, nothing is impossible…

    A very Happy Christmas to you too…

  8. great…1000 th post & B’day on same day!…Congrats man…I think u owe a special treat 2 ppl behind ur server & domains…? ?? ehh!! i rite..?

  9. Hi Jojo,

    Thanks da…Hmmm…I thought abt tht too..Although the server is down once in every 3 days on the avg, I surely owe u all a treat for this wonderful server n domain…

    When shall we meet?

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