Making Bible Translations For All People

Each year nearly 2.5 million people die without ever hearing God’s Word in the language that speaks to their heart. Imagine the most important message you and I will ever hear, the message of salvation, isn’t accessible to roughly one third of the World’s languages.That’s more than 2200 people groups without any scripture.Some of them haven’t even heard the name ‘JESUS’.

When you read God’s word in your own language, there’s something that touches the deepest level of who you are and it changes you, it changes the way you think, it changes your heart, it changes your life.

God’s word brings a message of joy, a message of hope, a message of eternal life. Everyone should have the chance to hear God speak in the language they understand best and Wycliffe work is critical to seeing that happen. Its not only printed scripture for eg. the script for the JESUS film is most often produced from translations from the gospel of Luke completed by Wycliffe. Audio recordings of the gospel are also produced from these translations.

Scriptures translated by Wycliffe result in churches planted, including materials for evangelism and discipleship. Translation is a foundational and critical component in the final task of reaching the last people on Earth with the gospel. Because the need is so urgent, Wycliffe along with our partners has committed to starting a Bible translation project in every language that needs it by the year 2025. That’s more than 2200 translations in the next 17 years. Roughly 130 translations must be started every year or one every three days. Humanly speaking this goal might seem impossible. But God specializes in the impossible.

The number of Bible translation need is dropping rapidly down from 3000 just eight years ago and we are coming to understand that in our lifetime it’s possible that we will see the last Bible translation need started. It can be done in this generation but we need your help.

We are inviting you to participate with us in something historic, starting the last Bible translations for the last languages. We are asking for your prayers, your time and your financial partnership in reaching these last language communities. This is your opportunity to help provide God’s word to those still waiting to hear the great love story of God, in a language that speaks to their hearts. Watch the Video clip above. The Audio in the clip starts only after some time. Be patient and have a look.

CLICK HERE to see more details on Wycliffe Bible Translators: World Missions for Unreached People Groups.

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  1. I think most people who don’t know God, or think badly of Christianity actually just have a misunderstanding of the faith.

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