Little boy trying to outwit God

Boy praying for friends

I told GOD… Let all my friends be healthy and happy forever…!
GOD said: But for 4 days only….!

I said: Yes, let them be a Spring Day, Summer Day, Autumn Day, and Winter Day.
GOD said: 3 days..

I said: Yes, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
GOD said: No, 2 days!

I said: Yes, a Bright Day (Daytime) and Dark Day (Night-time).
GOD said: No, just 1 day!

I said: Yes!
GOD asked: Which day?

I said: Every Day in the living years of all my friends!
GOD laughed, and said: All your friends will be healthy and happy Every Day.

1 thought on “Little boy trying to outwit God”

  1. I really liked the litlle story/poem about the little boy trying to outwit God. At first it sounded a bit childish. Both as regards the words that the boy used and as regards the thoughts behind his words. But on second thoughts I remembered that there are a number of places in the Bible where grown ups also try to outwit God more or less in the same way as the little boy used. Think of the Bible passage in which Abraham asks God not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if He can find 50 rigteous people there, the 50 becomes 40, the 40 becomes 30, the 30 becomes 20, and I think that it all ends with Abraham asking God not to destroy the wicked cities if there are still 10 of even 5 righteous people who live there.
    My final conclusion: it is probable that in the eyes of God most prayers of His believers sound a little childish, but that is no reason for God to ignore them.

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