SMS Updates in India

SMS Updates in India

Where do you live?  India?  Then we have a new service for you. is starting SMS updates to all our readers in India. (India because we are testing this service first in our country!)

Do you wish to get SMS (max. one per day) on the new posts/articles we post here daily? Then you get to know whether you should pay us a visit on that particular day. If you are a person looking for more wallpapers, I am sure, you will rush to our site once you get the SMS in your mobile handset. Are you interested? Then read on!

Click Here to subscribe to SMS updates from TBTG (in India Only)

Not in India? Please don’t be disappointed! We clearly know that most of our readers (45%) are from United States alone! And we also have readers worldwide like from Philippines, Canada, Australia etc etc as the list goes on. We are extremely sorry to say that this new SMS service is now available for INDIA only. But don’t worry! We are trying to make the same service available in your country also.

Which country are you from? Do you really think that people in your country need this SMS service? Please comment below and let us know.

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