Jesus is always with us, wherever we are, whatever we do. The 36 pencil drawings given above are from the famous artist Mr. Larry Van Pelt. These pictures help Christians everywhere visualize the reality of Jesus’ presence in their lives at all times, particularly during those everyday tasks where we spend most of our time.

“….And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – (Matthew 28:20)

The pictures given above depict Jesus with an artist, bank teller, barber, biker, bodybuilder, builder, cook, dentist, draftsman, executive, expectant, farmer, fisherman, forest ranger, french horn player, golfer, guitarist, insurance man, jogger, juggler, medical student, mother, organist, preacher, rug layer, seamstress, secretary, soldier, stucco, student, surgeon, teacher, the praying, trucker, vet and welder.

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