Inner Wounds And Their Consequences

Spirituality speaks of inner wounds and their suffocative consequences. If we are wounded at any time or in any field, we tend to wound others. Healing our person from the wounds of the heart is inevitable for spiritual growth as well as happiness in living together.

It is human weakness that we never learn from incidents. A subject who is wounded from the superior never learns that the experience is painful. Why? He/she once becoming the superior start hurting the subjects. Naturally, the one who is wounded must know the pain. Therefore he/she should avoid causing pain to others. But they never change the policy. It is because of the wounds that are carved in the person.

We see politicians of the opposite party blaming the ruling party for corruption. They preach and preach with zeal against corruption. But once they come to power, they too start corruption. They have no prick of conscience to practice something which they were fighting against with tooth and nail. Sister in-laws complain of their mother in-laws. Once these daughters become mother in-laws, they borrow the behaviors which they have condemned years ago. Wounds have the tendency to wound.

Moreover the reason could be that we love the pleasures of sinning. We fight and complain, because we hate the sinners. We have no regret to practice it because we love the sin. It is our failure, that we hate the sinner and love the sin. If we hate the sin and love the sinners, the problem could be solved. There would be no problem with those who cause us pain. And we will never cherish the joy of sinning by causing pain to others.

The wound of unfulfilled desires

There is a special kind of wound that causes great dangers in our life – The wound of unfulfilled desires. It is seen commonly among the youth. There are people who buy bikes one after the other. Some are passionate with mobiles. They are not satisfied with any. The wound of unfulfilled desires trouble them. It is unfit for the youth to fall in love before the marriage. Because love break ups will cause a great wound of unfulfilled desire. Once this wound is created, they will never be satisfied in any relationship. People lack trust in others when the capacity to love is corrupted.

There are people who change house every once in a while. They are not satisfied with any. It is the same with some who change their job. It is due to the wound of unfulfilled desire in their hearts. What all these people need is a healing from the Lord. Unless our wounds in this field are healed, we are dangerous to the society and will harm our soul.

Let us pray: Lord, heal me from the wound of unfulfilled desires. They trouble me every now and then. I had many desires in my life. They all are not met during the course of life. Make me trust in you and wash me with your Precious Blood. Amen.

– – – written by Jinto Mathew