Are You Fake or Real?

Are You Fake or Real

After the church collection on Sunday, while counting them I came across a fake currency. I am not sure of its owner, but now it has been given to the Lord, knowingly or unknowingly. If it is knowingly, the person has done a great mistake. God will not accept fake currencies.

I had a thorough check with that fake one. It was the photo copy of the real one. Now everything is possible, still the person who made it was not able to give the real identification mark for that currency. It was missing. Simple people might be betrayed, but once it goes to bank, surely they will identify the fake and the real one. It also might cause one’s arrest.

That day evening I was having a few thoughts in my mind. I judged quickly when I am cheated. Often I act as a fake one in front of God. Seldom am I aware of this nature in me. I have a fake conscience, fake heart and a fake personality. My real personality could have been Jesus’. I am called to holiness. I am called to become another Christ in this world in my words, deeds and thoughts.

At the time of baptism I was also given the light to become the light, by getting strength from the real light. I have been given the identification mark as the child of God, a faithful member in the Church. However I prefer to use the photocopy of this identity. I go for prayer and the sacraments without being aware of its importance in my life. The real identity is being tapped. Often I enjoy going and praying to God like that fake one, without knowing that God will not accept my fake nature.

My conscience is not clear. Although, I claim that I repent and go for the sacrament of reconciliation, in my conscience still remains the fake character which I hesitate to give up. Through that incident, God was teaching me a lesson that instead of judging the one who did it I have to judge my fake nature. I came to conscious about the unreal in me. If God wants to arrest me, embarrass me, surely He could have done it. However He forgives.

St. Paul calls the followers of Christ to imitate him to become a good disciple. God did not create anybody as Xerox copy of His image but created the human being as His own image. To live in that image is imitation. Here one loses the image, like that fake currency. Today there are fake medicines, fake doctors, fake professionals etc. Once they are caught by the civil law, their punishment will be greater. The fake physician might be generous person, but his identity itself shows the person is duplicate in heart, likewise the fake professionals. The fake medicines might be cheaper and easily accessible; but it will not be advisable.

The nature of these fake ones to under-estimate the value of the real one comes from a fake conscience. They might be smarter but not intelligent; they might be cheaper but not curable. As a follower of Christ one cannot be fake but real. We are called to imitate Jesus, but not to fake him through our actions.

There are people who got two ways of life. They follow the world and they try to be close to God. They also give to God, something which they receive from their nature. They can be double tongued, speak sweetly and convincingly. They are like the chameleon able to change their colours. In this scientific world, where the plastic surgery is possible, and few go for it, these people with a cool mind are able to change them.

Even they are ready to go to church. Their intention is not to follow Jesus, but to save their face which they change according to the situation. This is the fake nature in human being, which Jesus will not accept; although one might think that he is not aware of it.

To understand the real nature in one, what can be done? When we counted that money, we checked its colour, printing, the golden (Silver) lines etc. The same way one has to go through the proper test, a heart surgery. The best surgeon in the world is Jesus Christ. Allow Him to cut ones’ heart piece by piece. One might encounter the fakeness attached to one’s heart. Some times it is very hard to be removed, but He will be able to help one who is ready to cooperate with the real doctor.

Again be aware, that there are fake doctors, who might say that it is necessary in today’s world, otherwise one cannot live. But Jesus operates the heart; he will also help to heal it. He also might help you to have a proper test about your senses. One has to wait patiently to get the result, because the senses also can become the fake ones.

The fake currencies may be less, the fake medicines might be less, fake doctors and professionals might be less but fake, and duplicate personalities are much. Am I being counted one among them by Jesus? If so, now on take a decision to discover my true nature. Constant prayer and frequent receiving of sacraments, especially sacrament of reconciliation, can help one to be real.

– – – written by  Fr. Biju Maramkuzhackal SVD

2 thoughts on “Are You Fake or Real?”

  1. “He will be able to help one who is ready to cooperate with the real doctor.” Thank you so much. This read really brought my own conscience to bear (up close to the magnifying lens, so to speak.) Jesus helps me to test my senses. I am encouraged to know there is a God who cares so absolutely and unconditionally for us (human beings.) Bless you and thanks for sharing.

  2. How true are these words of Fr.Biju.I too feel like being a fake sometimes.We act being fakes.Jesus attacked the pharisees for their fake attitudes.We can hide our hearts before men, but not before God.We know this, but still we do act being fakes.We need to pray sincerely daily to get out of this fake character. May God help me out.

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