God Made Me

Watch the above music video song – God Made Me

This video song uses humor to teach kids that its God who created them.

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Lyrics of God Made Me song

God made slugs and bugs and rats and bats

And nasty bees that don’t say please

They’ll sting your elbows and your knees if you chase them

God made snakes and snails and killer whales

and if you were a baby seal

Then you will be a tasty meal for orcas

But God made me like he made the sea

He filled it up with green and blue

He sent His Son, His Only One

To fill me up and make me new.

10 thoughts on “God Made Me”

  1. Hi Linta,

    I have included the download link now.

    Right-Click on the download link and select ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to download God Made Me video clip.

    Yes, you should show it in the youth gathering. Such an awesome video it is!

    God Bless You
    Georgy N Joseph

  2. Georgy,

    I love this song of god made me. Is there anyway to get the lyrics to both verses as well as just the music or if their is a split track would be great, I would like my preschool to sing this at our christmas program for their parents. my email is listed above. please respond.


  3. I believe the words should be “and if you were a baby seal then you would make a tasty meal for orcas.”not others.

  4. Hey all, I’m glad you’re digging the Slugs & Bugs song God Made Me. (Georgy, thanks for spreading the music). You can find more Slugs & Bugs music at http://www.slugsandbugs.com – or just search slugs and bugs on youtube. We’ve got our own youtube channel.

    Thanks again and God bless.


  5. I use this song to teach my students about God. They love this song and enjoy the video. Thank you to you who create the song and video. God bless you.

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