Video : Drive Safe – No Speeding

Watch the touching video given above. Its about the effects of speeding on road. If you feel anything after seeing this video, then please, please remember this the next time you make your grip on that driving wheel.

Download the Video here

Please drive safe. Its for yours as well as others safety on road.

When you are holding that wheel in your car, you have a huge responsibility. You are responsible for your life, for the lives of those on the car with you and for the lives of all those innocent people on the road, who had never done anything wrong to you. Be aware of this huge responsibility whenever you sit in that driving seat.

Speeding. No one thinks big of you.

Don’t drink and drive.

Use your seat-belts.

Obey traffic rules.

Pray every time before you start your engine.

I am sure you never want to kill those innocent people while doing your show-off on the road. Beware, their life is in your hands. Together with the power of being the driver, you have huge responsibility too.

Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.

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