Eden Life Magazine

Eden Life Magazine

Eden life magazine is a wonderful service by Eden Life organization. It was born out of a revelation of the Great Commission truth in light of God’s original intention for creation as seen in Genesis 1:26-28. We are dedicated at teaching people of all works of like principles based on our fundamental teachings, that will enable them excel and live a prosperous life.

The main focus of Eden Life is to take people back to the place in the beginning at The Garden of Eden (Restoration of the Edenic Glory). The bible describes The Garden as a place of complete wholeness, peace, prosperity and all round serenity. All that man ever needed was available in The Garden. We believe the earth as it was in the Garden is God’s taste, the fullness of the earth’s beauty may help to create a mental picture of The Garden of Eden.

We believe Eden has been restored in the hearts of men, and when there’s an overflow of this “Eden Life” from our hearts, we begin to establish Eden as a physical garden in our surroundings.

Vision: The vision of Eden Life is the restoration of the Glory as it was in the Garden of Eden. Lives and families that are characterized with bodily health, financial prosperity, holiness, love, divine wisdom for all situations, and a heart that gives to meet the needs of others.

Mission: Eden Life will achieve the restoration of the Edenic Glory through primarily by establishing the gospel of Christ in the hearts of man, to restore Eden first in the hearts of mankind, as well as impacting the socio-economic world so as to bring a systemic change in the way businesses are run in the community as well as facilitate a healthy social environment. We will establish small groups and teaching centers through which we will:

1. Create a dependency on the Holy Spirit for wisdom, direction, power by practical teachings on His person
2. Set a standard against injustice and unrighteousness in society
3. Establish college students in the formative years of life Edenic principles
4. Raise people who will be a spiritual and economic force to be reckoned with by teaching principles from the Bible and establishing them in businesses

At Eden Life we have a vision to impact 1 Billion lives with this initiative. By faith we will seed the kingdom in the hearts of as many people as we can in this generation, and we will leave a heritage for generations to come. This organization has a goal to impact a billion lives because, it is not a man-made vision. It reflects the heart of God to have all men saved and come to the knowledge of truth, Christ died for the sins of the world (John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9). With a vision bigger than every individual member of the initiative, it provides the opportunity for our partners and all members to grow into the vision, and with the right actions, it is guaranteed to carry on continually.

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  1. Just as a note…the URL for the site has changed from http://www.edenicglory.net to . We thought that the new name would stick better and it better represents the online Christian magazine!

    Please check it out and thanks for your support

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