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Doing God

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About the eBook :-

A Future for Faith in the Public Square

The first part of the report considers why it is simply not possible to take faith out of the public arena. Dealing as it does with questions of identity, existence and environment, faith will not allow itself to be treated in this way. But the report also considers the benefits that faith has given society as a whole. It argues that the secular public square, properly understood, is a Christian legacy and one that requires an ongoing Christian presence in order to remain true to itself.

The second part of the report examines reasons why faith will play an increasingly significant role in public life. It goes beyond the obvious – such as the rise of radical Islam – and identifies three trends: the return of civil society, the pursuit of happiness and the politics of identity.

Table of Contents :-



Introduction – a God-flavoured fudge

chapter 1 – why the reasons against “doing God” don’t quite add up

chapter 2 – God and Caesar

chapter 3 – the return of civil society

chapter 4 – the pursuit of happiness

chapter 5 – the politics of identity

chapter 6 – how to “do God”

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