E-book : The Challenge of Peace

The Challenge of Peace

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About the eBook :-

The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Response is a Pastoral Letter on War and Peace by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The Second Vatican Council opened its evaluation of modern warfare with the statement: “The whole human race faces a moment of supreme crisis in its advance toward maturity.” We agree with the council’s assessment; the crisis of the moment is embodied in the threat which nuclear weapons pose for the world and much that we hold dear in the world.

We write this letter from the perspective of Catholic faith. Faith does not insulate us from the daily challenges of life but intensifies our desire to address them precisely in light of the gospel which has come to us in the person of the risen Christ. Through the resources of faith and reason we desire in this letter to provide hope for people in our day and direction toward a world freed of the nuclear threat.”

Table of Contents :-

Some Principles, Norms and Premises of Catholic Teaching

Moral Principles and Policy Choices

Peace in the Modern World: Religious Perspectives And Principles

Peace and the Kingdom

Kingdom and History

The Moral Choices for The Kingdom

The Just War Criteria

The Value of Non-violence

War and Peace in the Modern World: Problems and Principles

The New Moment

Religious Leadership and the Public Debate

The Use of Nuclear Weapons

Deterrence in Principle and Practice

The Moral Assessment of Deterrence

The Promotion of Peace: Proposals and Policies

Specific Steps to Reduce the Danger of War

Accelerated Work for Arms Control Reduction, and Disarmament

The Relationship of Nuclear and Conventional Defenses

Efforts to Develop Non-violent Means of Conflict Resolution

Shaping a Peaceful World

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