Dont Believe in Zodiac signs

Dont Believe in Zodiac Signs

Check out this comic above. Its teaches a lesson. Please don‘t believe in Zodiac signs.

Some Christians just need to be disciplined (taught). The bible clearly tells us this is a form of idolatry and we should pay attention, but we do make slips now and again. Usually when people do this their faith-level is down and they feel they are looking into the future somehow, by reading their horoscopes. They are carnal and defeated Christians.

Briana says, “Personally before I became a Christian I was a witch. And Zodiac signs are a big part of it. I used to check what the zodiac sign for me was. I would check the personality traits of that zodiac sign and i actually turned into that: stubborn (this is not a Godly trait at all). Not only that but from studying zodiac signs got me to thinking stones had power. Zodiac is of the occult. All it will do is get you off track. Give GOD the glory, not some star or sign.”

Give GOD the glory, not some star or sign.

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  1. Actually if you have ever read the BIBLE you would KNOW that the ZODIAC was the BIBLE before there was writing.

    The ENTIRE BIBLE is stuffed with the zodiac, created by ADAM, SETH & ENOCH.
    The Babylonians perverted it & built 2 towers to preserve it so they could make money off there perversion of the orginal gospel.

    Read Job 9th & 32nd chpts, it is impossible to not read the ZODIAC, PSALMS. EVERY BOOK IN THE old test. Is full. Revelations is ALL about the zodiac. Satan perverted it.

    It is TRULY the story of salvation. Try as hard as he could satans version is a mixed uo goofy mess that tells no story at all except how goofed up satanist can get THE TRUE WORD OF GOD!

  2. We live in difficult times and during periods of difficulty, people are discontent and turn to a variety of religions. Some practice Tarot Card readings and /or Astrology. But, not all men believe in Astrology or Tarot Cards, and some warn against their use. We need to look at the meaning behind the Biblical text. The moral of the stories and not dwell on the story itself to learn the true meaning of the stories. Back then, man conversed in stories to send a meaning. Search for the meaning1

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