Xbox, Iron Maiden, On the origin of Species and The Bible

Bible The Best Book Ever

Check out this great cartoon given above. It gives us something to think about.

XBOX 360

The game station XBOX 360 is very powerful and enjoyable to kids and adults alike, but it also makes them violent. Kids get the idea that shooting is the style of the day and all of us know about the unwanted shootings in schools today, which takes the lives of many innocent people.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden is a British heavy metal band led by founder, bassist and songwriter Steve Harris. A band with very talented people but the problem is it leads us to Satanism. And I dont think that is for our good.

On The Origin Of Species by Charles Darwin

The book claims that the world originated by slow evolution and that man evolved from monkey. So it says there is no God and God didn`t create man in His likeness. Charles Darwin managed to turn many people away from God through this book of his. Do you believe him or the Word of God…

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible, Word of God, comes to the scene, calling all the 3 above, `Amateurs`… Yes, all the above are just amateur things made just to take us far away from our God Almighty. Read His Word, the Holy BIble, everyday. Think for a while on the chapter you read everyday. It will transform you slowly.

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4 thoughts on “Xbox, Iron Maiden, On the origin of Species and The Bible”

  1. The bible , as a form of entertainment is interesting. I particularly enjoy the song of Solomon myself.
    The bible is quite violent mate.

  2. I would LOVE to know how Iron Maiden leads to Satanism. I LOVE Iron Maiden. They are my favorite band and I dont worship Satan

  3. Iron maiden are not satanic. The drummer is a catholic, so that shows that really, you need to listen to some of the songs and properly interpret them first.

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