Deliverance Prayers by St. Michael

For Deliverance

Holy Trinity, One God, living and true, Almighty and Omnipresent, Total Love, I adore You, I bless You, and I glorify You. I believe in You, and in Your saving and healing power.

Today, I recognize how much I sinned and hence, I am cut off from you. My Lord, I renounce from my heart and for always: Satan, his works, his lies, sin, impurity, and the love for power and pleasure that separate me from you, my God and Lord.

I recognize, O Lord, that I have erred: in accepting what other sects have proposed, in using God’s name in vain, in my participation in satanic rites and occult rituals that are not in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. I have been an easy prey to those sects and false teachings because I don’t study the Bible, the catechism of the Catholic Church, and I don’t frequent the sacraments.

I am not faithful to the Sunday Eucharist and when I participate, I don’t listen to the homily. I don’t seek spiritual guidance, nor do I seek forgiveness of sins through the sacrament of reconciliation.

Merciful Lord, I can only express honestly what I have passed through. I return to You with a repentant heart, and I beg you not to refuse me with your mercy. Pardon me for all my sins.


I Renounce

I renounce all false belief in the reincarnation because Jesus said that we will all resurrect as he resurrected. I renounce the manipulation and use of God’s name in vain, and I renounce using God’s Word as a means of mental control.

I renounce all practices of occultism that tie me to the enemy: such as visits to witches, and diviners; the use of amulets, talisman and objects of good luck, like stones, crystals, wristbands, necklaces, and love charms that aim to dominate the will of persons, to seduce them, and and make them attractive to the opposite sex.

I renounce the use of black magic, participation in New Age, sects, metaphysics, Gnostics and other groups that make me forget that salvation comes only from the Lord. I renounce all superstitious practices and rites about knowing the future, such as horoscope, palm reading, astrology, and spirit of the glass.

Today, Lord and Father of Jesus, I renounce all false doctrines and philosophies that separate me from You. I renounce all these, and I call on my Guardian Angel and on St. Michael to be my witnesses. May their presence embolden me to be faithful to my words.


I Promise

All powerful God, I promise to follow Your commandments and to destroy all the idols that enslave me to evil. I promise to assist in the Holy Mass during Sundays and to frequent the Sacraments, especially, Holy Confession I accept the liberty of a child of God that You gave to me.

I promise to surrender myself to God’s will spontaneously and freely so that God’s will may be fulfilled in me.

I accept to carry with me, on my neck, a Holy Cross, blessed by the priest. Its presence on my breast assures me of victory against the enemy of God and the forces of evil.

I accept Mary as the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church and my Mother. I consecrate myself to the Most Holy Virgin Mary and through her, I consecrate myself to the Most Holy Trinity and the Catholic Church.

I accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit which I will use for the benefit of the Holy Church, and for the good of my brothers and sisters, and for the common work of spreading the Gospel.