Connecting With Good People

Connecting With Good People

Talk about ‘fresh beginnings in 2012′ and you got to talk about your ‘connections’.

Like the old saying “No man is an island”, relationships play a major role in starting 2012 afresh. Relationships can either build you up or tear you down.

Show me your connections and I will tell you what you will become! That’s the power of connections. And that’s why you got to choose relationships with good people. So our ninth step in starting 2012 afresh is connecting with good people.

As you go for good connections, here are some 7 qualities which will help you identify them:-

1. Look for those with good character.

Character is the real thing. It comes from the core. Recently my wife and I had been to a quality restaurant. The facility looked impressive. But the food wasn’t that great. Performance may sometimes be cheap imitation. Go for the gold, not imitation. Connect with people of character.

2. Look for those who rejoice in your success.

A smart way to find good people is to check how they respond when you succeed. Some overlook your success. Some envy your success. Some celebrate your success! Hook up with the third category.

3. Look for those who encourage you.

If you expect everyone to encourage you, you will be disappointed. However there will be some who like what you are doing and they will encourage you. Network with such folks.

4. Look for those who are more successful than you in your field.

If you really want to grow, you got to learn from those who already grew in your field. Amateurs can provide growth principles in ‘drops’ while professionals ‘shower’ it on you!

5. Look for those who have a positive outlook.

Mindset matters. Hang out with the optimists than the pessimists. There are some rich folks who have a frugal mindset. There are also some poor folks who have a lavish mindset. Better to be positive in a negative world than being negative in a positive world!

6. Look for those who have time for you.

If someone lends you his time, it’s an indication of the high value he offers you. If someone values something, he has all the time for that thing. If he devalues it, he has all the excuses why there isn’t time for it!

7. Look for those who could mentor you.

What you can learn by yourself within 1 year can often be learned within 1 month through a mentor. Never underestimate the value of a mentor when it comes to new beginnings and growth.

Proverbs 13:9 says “The lives of good people are brightly lit streets…”. They help you start and maintain 2012 afresh.

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We hope our article will help all of you to connect with good people in 2012. Question: What other qualities are you looking for in people you like connecting with? Add your comments below.

– – – written by Joe Abraham from

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  1. Great post and tips on some qualities we all need to watch out for when fishing out for friends.

  2. thanks a lot turnbacktogod website….through you god is answering my many unanswered questions…thanks a lot joe abraham sir…..

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