Christian Valentine Love Poems

Christian Valentine Love Poems

Christian Valentine’s Day Poetry Couplet by Caroline Gavin

Valentine’s Day Love Poem 1

Celebrate now we do
The season of Saint Valentine
A season of sharing our hearts
And expressing love divine

We commemorate the Saint in Rome
Who with Valentine went by name
A Saint martyred for Jesus Christ
Giving all for love and not for fame

Valens itself in Roman times
Meant worthy, powerful and strong
Thus this worthy martyred Saint
With our dear Savior does now belong

What is this Day of celebration then
Of candy, roses and sweet greeting?
Is it one of passionate romance
Of feelings powerful yet fleeting?

At its core and at its essence
This Day is far more than these
It is a Day of love pure and holy
One which brings us to our knees

For God Himself is love
Christ embodied love in His Life
He is our beloved Bridegroom
We, the Church, to be His Wife

Oh, glorious is this truth indeed
It touches and warms my soul
When I give my all to Christ
He completes and makes me whole

So strong is the love I have for Jesus
So passionate, so deep, so wide
Yet even greater is His love for me
And for His Church, His beloved Bride

Sing to sweet Jesus, then, on this Day
Sing of His love perfect and pure
Sing of His unending and undying love
In which you and I can rest secure

For greater love has no man
Than to lay down his life for friends
Our dear Lord died for us, mere sinners
We know then His love never ends

This, dear Christian, is the meaning
The heart of the Day we now celebrate
It is a day of sacrifice, of true love
It is a day of expressing agape great

Such is the agape-love expressed
In the martyred Saint Valentine of Rome
He poured out his life as a love offering
For his Father in his Heavenly home

And such is the love shown by Christ
Yes, by our sweet Savior on the Cross
All I have known before meeting my Lord
I consider all merely but waste and loss

So sing, dear Christian, on this Day
Lift your heart to the Eternal One
Raise your voice in songs of praise
To the Father, the Spirit and the Son

For sweet is the love we know in Christ
Precious, priceless, undying and true
A love that He shows today and every day
To me and, yes, dear friend, to you

—————— —————— ——————

Valentine’s Day Love Poem 2

Sweet Valentine, Sweet Love of mine
I give my all and my heart to Thee
So precious are You to me, LORD
Your Love is all I know and see

Never have I known a man
To love me more sweetly and true
Than You, my beloved Savior
In all You ever say and do

Truly you are the Love of my life
You are the One for Whom I sing
Great is the joy, the peace, the comfort
That every day to me You bring

Stay with me, my Beloved
I plead that You never leave my side
Betrothed I am, with all Your Church
To be Your pure and beloved Bride

You died for me, my Love
On Calvary You poured out Your all
How can I but answer and follow
When You, my Lord, do call?

Bind my heart to Yours, my Jesus
Grant that You and I may never part
For to know You is to know love
So I give You my all and my heart

On this Day of Saint Valentine
I celebrate You and the love You give
Wondrous it is to be in love with You
To be one with You is to truly live

May each one know you, dear Lord
May each one experience Your love sweet
May each one find You and Your Heart
May I express Your love to each one I meet

Life Eternal and Love Unceasing
Both I have found in You, the Son
You are to me everything, yes, all things
You are my meaning, my passion and my One

So a song of Valentine I sing to You
My heart beats for You as I sing rhyme
I have found my eternal and my true Love
Yes, He will be with me until the end of time.

About the author: Caroline Gavin

Caroline Gavin is a Christian Life Coach, Speaker and Author of the soon-to-be-released Purposeful Pathway: Inspiration for Your Journey with Jesus. As a Life Coach and the Founder of Purposeful Pathway, she helps others discern their vocational paths, live with purpose and align with God’s Way.

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