Slideshow : Jesus And Mary

Download : Jesus and Mary slideshow Click the above link to download “Jesus And Mary” slideshow (1.12 MB) Preview:- Mother Mary says: Today I want to pray for you! Whenever you are sad I intercede for your happiness. Always remember of me in your prayers. Don’t forget I am Jesus’s Mother. I am by your side, … Read more

Slideshow : Beautiful Words

Download : Beautiful Words slideshow Click the above link to download “Beautiful Words” slideshow (610 KB) Preview:- A beautiful slideshow is given for free download here. Its small in the file size, only 610KB. The slideshow has three lessons, taught by illustrating 3 short stories. Then we can see an array of slides with good … Read more

Slideshow : Pete’s Story

Download : Pete’s Story Slideshow Click the above link to download “Pete’s Story” slideshow (6.44 MB) Preview:- Pete Mason’s Story in Slideshow : Out of the Darkness, into the Light Early Years – I was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada on September 28, 1962. I am the youngest of five children: Allan, Don, Lorraine, David (R.I.P. 1987) … Read more

Psalm 23 Slideshow

Download : Psalm23 Slideshow Click the above link to download “Psalm 23” slideshow (965 KB) Preview:- Psalm 23 Explained Slideshow is given above for free download. Some slide pictures are also given here for a preview. You may have never thought nor looked at this Psalm in this way;  even though you say it again and again. ——————————– … Read more

God’s Love Story Slideshow

Download : God’s Love Story Click the above link to download “God’s Love Story” slideshow (2.57 MB) Preview:- God’s Love Story One day, I woke early in the morning to watch the sunrise. Ah, the beauty of God’s creation is beyond description. As I watched, I praised God for His beautiful work. As I sat … Read more