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October 6th, 2008

Slideshow : All About Prayers


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Types of prayers:

3.Intercession for others.

From Paul’s example, we can get some secrets/ techniques for successful prayer. We need to learn to engage in intercessory prayer as modeled by Paul.

Three Steps In Praying for Others:

1. Want the Best for Others:
Don’t just think of yourself!
Desire that which is spiritually best for them.
Don’t just want the physical/material.

2. Identify Others’ Needs:
Be sensitive/Observant.
Ask Them About Their Needs

3. Ask God to Bless Them.
Believe in the Power of God.

For the Recipients of the Blessing:

— Appreciate the intent and concern of others.
— Share your needs &
— Ask for the prayers of others.
— Trust in the power of God to work in your life

October 6th, 2008

Slideshow : The Importance of Good Advice


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Advice helps us decide who is the happy man – the person who is taking his advice from the right source.

The most important question is, Where do you get your advice about living, about the meaning of life? From the supermarket tabloid? From Entertainment Tonight? From the Jerry Springer Show? Or from God’s word. Not all advice is created equal. There is good advice and there is bad advice. Good advice comes from God’s book, containing God’s values. There is a group of people who represent the worst possible source of advice-ungodly advice.

This psalm divides all advice into two great categories: good and evil. Often times it may not be as easy to recognize the distinction between the two categories as is stated here, but often recognizing the difference is just as black and white as it is portrayed in this passage.

When we speak of law, it has a heavy, restrictive idea-things we cannot do. The low of the lord is more like instruction. It tells us the right way and the wrong way to do things. An instruction manual when written well and used appropriately helps us to understand why some things work and others don’t it tells us what things to avoid, what things to make sure and not leave out or fail to tighten so that our project turns our well. That’s what it is all about so that our project of living doesn’t end in the scrap heap. So that we don’t come to the end of putting together a life only to find out that we left out the things that really work. Or helping us repair our life when we find out that we got it all put together backwards. These instructions are found in the laws, so we should love this instruction book, filled on advice for living.

The truly happy man is one who not only consults God’s word in hard times – he is one who loves the book and reads it continually. It is the Bible, God’s little instruction book that is the true guide, helping us in all areas of life. The truly happy man mediates in the word of God day and night.

Then we go out into the laboratory of life. We observe, we test, we experiment to see just how what we have read and learned can be put into practice. One way to teach kids to love the word of God is to read to them from the great Bible stories.

Life is filled with difficult circumstances. It is precisely at times of great difficulty when the ability to drink of the deep waters of life. A local bank advertises: other banks have branches, ours has roots. There are times when we need roots that go deep into God’s sustaining water. Then, when the unrighteous face the same circumstances, they do not have the depth to sustain them.

If we have partaken of the advice of the wicked, if we have spent our substance in riotous living, the only thing left is the chaff. Someone said that to be able to look back and say, I have lived well is to have doubled one’s existence. If we live within the framework of God’s advice, we will not dry up and blow away. We will be sustained by God himself.

The ultimate test comes as one lives his or her life. The psalmist gives us this reassurance. The LORD watches over the way of the righteous,  but the way of the wicked will perish.

October 6th, 2008

Slideshow : Making Your Marriage Great


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Making Your Marriage Great_slideshow_Preview 00 Making Your Marriage Great_slideshow_Preview 01 Making Your Marriage Great_slideshow_Preview 02 Making Your Marriage Great_slideshow_Preview 03

A doctor called his patient’s wife out into the hall and said: “Mam, I don’t like the way your husband looks. “Neither do I,” she said, “but he is really good to the kids.”

“What kind of grade would you give your marriage?” You may want to assign a grade to the marriage as a whole. It may also be helpful to ask, what kind of grade would you give your spouse? What kind of grade would you give yourself? What kind of grade would your spouse give you?  Even more helpful, we should probably break the marriage down into components: Fiscal responsibility, parenting, physical attractiveness, spiritual leadership, neatness, helpfulness, romance, etc. When you start to rate the areas, discussion will ensue. The goal is to make this discussion profitable so that you can each improve.

Being a strong Christian in every sense of the word will make you a better marriage partner. Think about these characteristics of Christians that are good for your marriage. Christians are concerned about others. Concern engenders listening and communication. Christians practice love. The Bible tells husbands to love their wives.  Christians have a positive sexual ethic. God created man and woman for the satisfaction and fulfillment of one another in marriage. The Christian appreciates the God given beauty of sex. If this aspect of marriage is missing, we need to study or seek advice from a competent source. Christians can forgive. If you cannot forgive, your marriage is DOOMED! Christians are instructed to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Christians take their responsibility to provide for their own seriously. This does not mean that we will never struggle, but that we will be willing workers for our families. Christians are kind. If there is ever a place where kindness fails, it is in a troubled marriage. Christians, like Christ, learn to live unselfishly and for others. To sum it up, when we try to live the Biblical ethic, we will be adding those traits that should make for a happy marriage.

First and foremost, to have a happy marriage, Make a commitment. The ceremony says, “Till death do us part.” What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.

Make marriage a Priority. Put is first over your parents. Put it first over your kids. Put if first over your job. Put it first over getting rich.

You must continue to work at marriage through all its stages. When the kids leave home, if you do not love each other, you will be lost. Retirement takes other adjustments. There are some big adjustments when the kids come along.

To be happy and successful in marriage, we must deal with our demons. All of us have things that detract from our marriage. Some things can destroy a marriage. We must find out what is doing harm to our marriage and heal it. Financial irresponsibility is terrible on a marriage.

Perhaps the most important tip today about marriage is to have God at the center of your life. From God we learn the marriage skills of kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love and faithfulness. God is our model for love.

Best of all, when we place God at the center of our lives, he will help us through times of difficulty.

Let each of us make a commitment today to do all that we can to have a stronger marriage and a more Christ like commitment to our partner. With God’s help-We can!

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