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December 19th, 2009

Christmas Cards – Set 02

See another set of 12 Christmas Cards on TBTG  just above and enjoy this Christmas season sending them to friends.

The custom of sending Christmas cards started in Britain in 1840 when the first ‘Penny Post’ public postal deliveries began. (Helped by the new railway system, the public postal service was the 19th century’s communication revolution, just as email is for us today.) As printing methods improved, Christmas cards were produced in large numbers from about 1860. They became even more popular in Britain when a card could be posted in an unsealed envelope for one half-penny – half the price of an ordinary letter.

Traditionally, Christmas cards showed religious pictures – Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, or other parts of the Christmas story. Today, pictures are often jokes, winter pictures, Father Christmas, or romantic scenes of life in past times.

So take a close look at the Christmas Card series at TBTG – This is the second set.

December 16th, 2009

Christmas Cards – Set 01

Christmas Cards, about 20, are given above. Take a close look at each and choose your favorite and mail it to your relatives or friends. All the 20 Christmas Cards above are really large and beautiful and so ideal to send this Christmas seasons greetings. Check them out!

Origin of the Christmas Card

According to Britannica Online, though wood engravers produced prints with religious themes in the European Middle Ages, the first Christmas card, as the term is now understood, is believed to have been designed by John Callcott Horsley in England in 1843, created for his friend Sir Henry Cole.

An edition of 1,000 cards was placed on sale in London. It was lithographed on stiff cardboard, 5 1/8 by 3 1/4 inches, in dark sepia and hand-colored. The center of the card shows a family party in progress, beneath which were the words “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.” To one side is a scene of the hungry being fed and to the other side the poor being clothed. In the United States, the owner of a variety store in Albany, N.Y., in the mid-19th century produced a card carrying Christmas greetings from “Pease’s Great Variety Store in the Temple of Fancy.”

Anyway, we people continue the tradition and send Christmas Cards even now. The only change that can be said to have happened is that now the Christmas Cards are more commonly sent through Emails, rather than through post. If that’s the case with you, then I am sure these 20 Christmas Cards will help you to do just that. God Bless You.

December 16th, 2009

Malayalam Christmas Cards

Malayalam Christmas Cards are given above. There are 18 Christmas mallu greetings given above. Click on any thumbnail to see the Christmas Greeting Card in Malayalam language, in its full size.

I know many of you reading this post wont understand the Malayalam language, which is used by Keralites in India, but as I hail from Kerala, India I decided to do some help to my friends here. So I am putting these Malayalam Christmas Greeting Cards here in Others enjoy the beautiful pics or just ignore this post as my next post will contain beautiful Christmas Greeting Cards in English language. Happy Christmas to all you mallus who are reading this post.

Malayalam Christmas Songs

Malayalam Christmas Album

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