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Jesus art images are given right above. There are 16 art images of Jesus Christ given here. Click on any above thumbnail to see the image in full dimensions. I am sure you will like many from the above 16 Jesus pictures.

Did Jesus Christ have a beard? The Bible gives no account of any beard. The word “beard” is absent in New Testament. Although Jewish custom may have required men to be bearded, many of the earliest images of Jesus show him beardless.

Then how then did our image of Jesus develop? Fairly early in history, He was shown as a man on the verge of middle age, with brown to black hair and beard, and an appearance of sorrow and compassion. Beyond this, however, each age has produced its own variant of the Jesus image to meet its own needs, projections, and beliefs.

Black Jesus images have also found their place on the Internet. Was Jesus black? Dark-skinned pictures of Jesus have been known from the earliest times. The first picture on this page is a painting from the 1960s, artist and source unknown.

The debate is not new. Throughout the 20th century, black theologians argued that showing Jesus as a white-skinned European is not only historically inaccurate, but profoundly alienating for non-Europeans. Some 20 million Africans were taken as slaves to the New World by Europeans between the 16th and 19th centuries, and images of a white Jesus reinforce the idea that Christianity is a “white man’s religion”. Black theologians argue that since Jesus came to bring good news to the poor and oppressed – to set them free from their chains – he should be shown looking like the poor and oppressed, and not like the world’s rich and powerful.

Perhaps we do well to end where we began and question our own modern preoccupation with the physical appearance of Jesus and other biblical figures. It is true we are visual and will always prefer to see the face of those we love. But the Bible’s silence on these matters may be instructive and we do well to consider that the Scriptures invite us to look deeper than appearance, deeper than race or ethnicity.

The Word became flesh in Jesus, but the Word must also become flesh in us and we must learn to find Christ in the Sacraments (cf Luke 24:31,35), in the poor, in our neighbor, our enemy, our very selves.

Anyway take a look at these 16 art images of Jesus Christ we offer you in this article. Choose the image you like from these Jesus Christ images, the beautiful art creations of blessed men.

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  1. I had always heard that the beard originated with the ever-increasing widespread knowledge that the Church had within her possession an actual image of Christ (the Shroud of Turin) and that in this image He was beared.

    In reality, Jesus was neither black nor white. Out of all the ethnic groups alive today, I think Arabs are the closest representatives of what Jesus actually looked like.

    But, by the same token, unless I’m mistaken, scientifically speaking, we’re all technically one skin color. To put this in artistic terms, the perceived difference is based on the level of concentration of a single pigment. So, for example, a black man has a higher concentration than a white man of the same pigment.

    The pictures are beautiful btw. I especially like the 4th one-1st row. Where did you get all these lovely pictures?

  2. Dear Georgy,

    Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. The ethnicity and appearance of Jesus is not important for salvation, but that Holy Face is a source of endless fascination for man throughout the ages.There is something mysterious about the Lord that can never be portrayed by man in any artform – the divinity and the celestial grace that emanates from that face.

    The Lord himself has said that one who sees Him sees the Father. Though this has a much deeper meaning than just seeing the physical form of Jesus with the eyes of our bodies, I think that the physical form of Jesus is an image and likeness of His divine glorified form which St.John had described in the Book of Revelation in the the New Testament.

    This celestial aspect is something that no artist has ever portrayed and perhaps will never be able to portray.For seeing that we’ll have to wait till we reach Heaven.

  3. Jesus lamp, the World Unique in Art

    In German:
    Jesus Lampe, das Weltwunder ein Unikat an Kunst

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