Bringing Heaven To Earth

Bringing Heaven To Earth

Heavenly experiences are not always other worldly.

We believe in Heaven. With us it is not just a matter of faith either. We also believe in Heaven because of all the evidence we see here on Earth. We see this evidence not only in the glorious natural world all around us but also in the endless acts of love that come from the hearts of people as well. These are the people who bring a bit of Heaven to Earth everyday and they are the ones we wish to thank now.

To all the people then who pick up the trash off the ground and plant trees and flowers in its place, thank you. To every parent who spends the day hard at work and then goes home and makes the time to play with and read to their kids, thank you. To every kind heart who has ever taken in and loved a stray dog or cat, thank you. To every person who has ever opened their purse or wallet and given to a charity not out of duty but out of love, thank you.

To everyone who has ever offered a ride, opened a door, or shared a smile with a stranger, thank you. To every good Samaritan who has stopped along the way to help a person in need, thank you. To every gentle spirit who has shared their laughter, encouraged a friend, or inspired another soul, thank you. To every single person who has tried to make this world a little better through what they do, thank you. And to every soul who not only knows the words “Love your neighbor as yourself” but tries to live them as well, thank you.

God doesn’t just want each of us to one day reach Heaven, He also wants each of us to bring a little Heaven down here to Earth as well.

Do your best then to love and be loved, to care for others and the world around you, to create joy rather than sadness, and to help everyone you can every chance you can. Do your best to let God’s love live through you. Then you will be ready for Heaven, because you will carry a bit of Heaven with you wherever you go.

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  1. Hola hijito Dios te Bendiga Abundantemente en todas las áreas de tu vida,recibe un saludo de Paz y Bien,Alabo y Bendigo al Dios Uno y Trino, POR haberme, permitido encontrar esa hermosa pagina son hermosa todas tus Imágenes lo mismo que todas tus enseñanza,te pido que ores por mi ya que estoy pasando por problemas Económico y familiares muy difíciles. Gracia Nuevamente por tan hermosa pagina

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    Hello son God richly bless you in all areas of your life, you receive a greeting of Peace and Good, I praise and bless the Triune God, for having, allowed us to find this beautiful site are beautiful all your pictures as well as all your teaching I ask you to pray for me and I’m going through economic problems and difficult family. Thanks again for such a beautiful page.

  2. Touching article, its amazing how we can spread the love of god via online, via shows, even movies. Like this new movie coming out called Lion of Judah. ) Hopefully you keep posting more Georgy, cause i truly loved this post!

  3. what beautiful thoughts and put it in a an amazing way nobody can just write it without having love in their hearts.God bless you dear brother

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