Never Give Up

The Prophet was in terrible pain and filled with despair. Life looked meaningless… He was in service for years. Many a revelation had been announced to the people. He preached the mercy and love of the Lord on different venues. The call to conversion was preached over and over again; but people remained stubborn and there was no change. Miracles have taken place. Even those who witnessed it do not care to change their ways.

Why should I work hard? The Prophet was in dilemma thinking that his life is fruitless. Suddenly his mind turned against God. Lifting his tear filled eyes to the sky, he said; “Lord, you know the past and future. You even knew that this stubborn people are not going to change at all. Then why did you entrust me with this mission? Why to make my life spoil without benefiting anyone? I am not ready to prophesy anymore…”

Then came the voice of the Lord through the gentle breeze. “…Your pain is the same as that of anyone who is called to be a prophet. Though fruitless, you are to convey my messages to the people. Because that is your call and mission. Life becomes meaningful to the extent you showed commitment to your call. It is not your responsibility to make people convert. You are called to make them aware of the revelations that I give to you.”

Why should I work hard this way?
What use in loving all these people?
Is there any result after my hard work?

Sometimes these kind of thoughts rule our heart. Fruitless toil will fill us with despair and sorrow. But do not give up. Because, that is your call and mission. Do not hesitate to love, though there is nothing to expect fruitful. People would be defiant, but do not give up preaching. Though fruitless, we should work harder and harder.

Jesus knew that the merits of His passion and death would be wasted by someone like Judas and others. Even then Jesus died for them too; He fulfilled His mission. We should not expect anything on our toil. Work hard for the Church, family, institutions and firms. For, that is our call and mission. Though fruitless, there will be reward. Let us remember the beautiful words of Mother Teresa, ‘we are called not to be successful but to be faithful.’

Prayer: Lord, help us to overcome the pain of fruitless toil and unaccepted love. Teach us that the meaningfulness of life lies in sincere hard work, not in the success of the plans we entertain. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara