You Have Victory Over Death

Easter Sunday is something special because it’s Resurrection Sunday! That’s the day the Church separates special time to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Christ Jesus from the dead. Thinking about resurrection, one fact stands out: initially Christ experienced death before He experienced resurrection! Most of us haven’t ‘tasted’ death. Few did have near-death experiences … Read more

The Magic of Three Days

It was a beautiful spring day, and a sense of peace stayed with me as I left the cathedral on Easter Monday morning. I paused for a moment on top of the steps leading to the avenue, now crowded with people rushing to their jobs. Sitting in her usual place inside a small archway was the old flower lady. At … Read more

Easter Wallpaper Backgrounds

Easter Wallpaper Backgrounds – 24 high resolution Easter wallpapers for your desktop are given above. Click on the thumbnail images to see the full-size eater wallpaper. Its free for use and you can download the above desktop backgrounds by right-clicking and saving them to your PC. If you want more, goto Easter Desktop Wallpapers In … Read more

Why Do We Crucify Him Again?

I say something rude to someone who’s lost, And I’ve ruinded my witness, But they will pay the cost. So I nail in the nails. Can anyone see the Lord through me, Or do they simply see my sins? Am I living the life Christ wants me to, Am I living the life of man? … Read more