Story : Life is An Echo

Life is an echo

A son and his father were walking on the mountains. Suddenly, his son falls, hurts himself and screams: “Ah!” To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain: “Ah!” Curious, he yells: “Who are you?” He receives the answer: “Who are you?” And then he screams to the mountain: “I admire you!” … Read more

Story : The Nail

Church Nail

As the story goes, they built a new church building and people came from far and wide to see it. They admired its beauty! Up on the roof, a little nail heard the people praising everything about the lovely structure-except the nail! No one even knew he was there, and he became angry and jealous. “If I am that … Read more

Bringing Heaven To Earth

Bringing Heaven To Earth

Heavenly experiences are not always other worldly. We believe in Heaven. With us it is not just a matter of faith either. We also believe in Heaven because of all the evidence we see here on Earth. We see this evidence not only in the glorious natural world all around us but also in the … Read more