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Turn Back To God is a blog on Christianity. We publish daily updates with many resources which all will find very interesting. Are you a Christian? Do you like to follow Jesus? Then I recommend that you subscribe to our feed. You have the options to subscribe via rss or receive feed delivered straight to your inbox as your emails.

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* As the blog is more than two years old, you may find it difficult to select from the 2000+ posts. Subscribing simplifies this task as you select to read topics of your choice from your feed reader or from the mail which you get whenever there is a new post here.

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1 thought on “Why Subscribe To TurnbackToGod Feed”

  1. Hey there,
    Like to thank you for this place and setting things up to help. Ive been doing alot of studing in the Bible and came across alot of dicrepancies with what I grew up with and what is actually in the Bible. I’ll touch on one of the many. Birth of Jesus. Nowhere does it say that there were 3 wise men. They came from the east of Jerusalem following a star to King Herod first. Herod sent them to Bethlehem and the star reappeared. Besides, the Jews were forbidden to look to the stars for omens or to tell the future. The wise men gave alot of expencive gifts to the new King and his family and when Jesus parents gave the customary offering at the Temple when Jesus was only days old it was the poor peoples offering. So the wise men did not visit the infant Jesus. Herod had an age group of baby boys killed. This is one of many things I have found in the Bible. Satan wanted to kill Jesus and it was most certainly his doing to put a star in the sky, else why lead them to Herod first?


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