Video : Priceless Salvation

Watch the above Video Clip : Priceless Salvation


What is your Value?

You probably have a number.

Credit Score – 720

Income – 75000

Net Worth – 300000

Retirement Need  – 850000

Your Insured Life – 1000000

All this adds up to very little in God’s Economy

For God’s cost to redeem your life

was the Life of His only Son

For God so loved the World that

He gave His only Son,

that whoever believes in Him shall not perish

But have eternal Life (John 3:16)

So what is your Value?

It was set by God over 2000 years ago

And is still to this day



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  1. I enjoyed seeing all the videos, however the one that pulled at my heart strings was all the illustrations of children and commentary. Hopefully you will include different ethnicities. All children and babies are gifts from God and very beautiful!!!

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