Video : Chaplet of Divine Mercy in song

Chaplet of Divine Mercy in song – Video Part 1

Chaplet of Divine Mercy in song – Video Part 2

Divine Mercy Chaplet Video song – Generations Unite in Prayer

Download Divine Mercy Chaplet VideoPart 01 and Part 02

This Telly Award winning video song recreates the beloved contemporary melody of The Divine Mercy Chaplet in Song. It is given here as two video parts. Play the first video which starts with the prayer and in 3 minutes the Divine Mercy Song starts.

Hear the voices of hundreds of children, teens, parents and grandparents as they pray for the poor, for the dying, and the unborn. Crossing all denominational lines and spanning all generations, Christians unite to tell the world about God’s mercy. This video clip is a must watch for every christian.

Some Comments on the video:-

My granddaughter and I sang along with this and have decided to order it and sing it every day at 3 pm. We also loved the children’s voices. – gramcar

Showing acts of mercy during the chaplet, with the children’s voices was very moving. Beautiful. – leticiavelasquez

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10 thoughts on “Video : Chaplet of Divine Mercy in song”

  1. The voices of these children
    like beams of fire burning
    in my harden heart!
    O my sweet God!
    I am in tears already!
    I am inspired!

  2. love you jesus…!!!
    you are safe in my heart……and you are the only friend who helping me at every step of my life…..thankssss alot my lord…be with me always……love you soo much..!!!

  3. One the most inspring message is in the Divine Mercy. Without Divine Mercy our life is nothing. Praise you Jesus, Ave Maria

  4. in thoughts words or deeds,do only that which will never bring shame to you or to JESUS whom you have chosen to follow.

  5. The fountain of mercy of God is found in the sacraments he left for us his gifts of mercy and love. To hear the words I absolve you from your sins are the sweetest words ever to a repentant soul. Here the God of mercy meets our sinfulness and misery.

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