Undeniable Signs of The End Times

Undeniable Signs of The End Times

When the super-action movie “2012” zoomed in on the wide screens, many worldwide became curious about the end of the world. Though there are different theories about the end times, Jesus gave a solid teaching about it when His disciples once asked Him to do so.

Here are a handful of His end time signs. Read it carefully and see how accurately it relates with the times we are living in today.

1) Many will come and claim to be the Messiah, and they will fool many people.

2) There will be rumors about wars and threats of wars. These things will have to happen first, but that isn’t the end.

3) Nations and kingdoms will go to war against each other.

4) People will starve to death, and in some places there will be earthquakes. But this is just the beginning of troubles.

5) Because of Jesus, His disciples will be hated by people of all nations. Many of them will be arrested, punished, and even killed.

6) Many so-called believers will give up their faith and will betray and hate each other.

7) Many false prophets will come and fool a lot of people.

8) Evil will spread and cause many people to stop loving others.

9) Those who keep on being faithful right to the end, they will be saved.

10) When the good news about Jesus Christ has been preached all over the world and told to all nations, the end will come.

The end of the world is an undeniable truth. So is the second coming of Jesus to take us home.

Cheer up! Trust Him. He is almost at the door!

– – – written by Joe Abraham & Ancy Joe

7 thoughts on “Undeniable Signs of The End Times”

  1. yes,no doubt that Jesus coming..these signs are happening.. and d movie itself is a warning that the end of this world will soon take place..even though others have diffrent understanding but 2 d followers of Jesus who are watching and waiting,they know it..

  2. You people are loons..nowhere in the bible does it say that the end times are upon us..we will know not the day rapture will come..you crazies…this is why people hate christians.

  3. u know that it is written in bible, many nation fight against other nation, it is happened during hiroshima and nagasaki case. first world war and second world war has been done, so now i think that there is no end in 2012 but many cities which near to sea will be distroyed due to large amount of water bcoz due to global warming level of sea is increasing day by day. so pray to jesus plz save this earth

  4. the end is coming truly;the sings are all around;hardly is there a day that doesn’t contain a news as regards the above signs

  5. The end is evitable and given by our Lord for all who believe in him who is the alpha and the omega. But, how many will endure to the end I wonder may our Lord Jesus help us already there is apostacy and evil all over the place. So many christian catholics and how many of them are true soldiers of Christ? How many do they really love him with the heart and not the lips? Well, only time will tell and so I pray, pray and pray that God will not find us sleep but alert and awake!!!

  6. Our talked about the end and his second coming and no matter how we wish it to go away it will come because God does not lie. He is a God of truth and love. Therefore, lying is not his divine nature. I believe some people are afraid of the end because they are attach of the things of these earth and not our heavenly home which is a TRUE HOME.

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