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Feedburner to FollowIt

Hi All TBTG Readers,

We are writing this new article to let you know about an important change we have done today to the TurnbackToGod (TBTG) website feed and the feed subscriptions, even to those 23K+ email subscribers we already had. You all who were email-subscribed to TBTG website should be getting new post emails not from the old Google Feedburner but from the highly advanced Follow.It platform.

If you are still not subscribed to TBTG feed or new post notifications, click here.

That is the short story. If you are busy and don’t want to read further on a non-religious topic, you can close the page now. But if you want to know why we did this change now, please read on.

Why Follow.It instead of Google Feedburner

For all those who are wondering why we ditched Google Feedburner now to go with the best Feedburner alternative, please understand that Feedburner is the one who stopped services to start with. This was way back almost one year ago. (Yes, sorry – we are late to do this change, we agree.)

For some time, our admin team had been searching for the best Feedburner replacement option available online for free but which can support the 23K+ and even more email subscribers who will be becoming loyal email subscribers of TBTG in future also. Our search ended when one of my colleagues and close friend suggested Follow.It to us this week.

It is not just the fact that Follow.It provides free email subscriptions to lot many people but they also have several extra additional features you can now use, e.g. on https://follow.it/turnback-to-god1?action=followPub&filter you can now define filters and more delivery channels, e.g. to receive your news via Telegram, news page etc. (many others to follow soon)

So, just wanted to say, please don’t panic if you see emails from Follow.It team in your email inbox. You see those emails just because of this feed switching we have done at TurnbackToGod website.

Praying for world peace….

Praise The Lord.

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