Trust in God or Live in Fear?

Trust in God

I will not be afraid of the future. The world is a big place and there are always things happening and changing in our lives. GOD may have a new direction for us…of dreams and goals to fulfill. Can we see the change happening or better yet…feel it ?

I usually can. So I have a choice to make. Do I allow myself to become afraid of the change that may happen or Do I Trust in God More?

Change can happen so slowly, that sometimes you do not even notice…or you may not want to notice. Think of God.

Change can also happen at a rate that you can see and anticipate the action. You gain strength and feel prepared for the outcome. Let God walk you through the change… You will experience it…in a better way.

Then there is the “unexpected” change…usually the worst kind. A child goes off to war, an unexpected illness in the family, diagnosis of Cancer for anyone you love , a death of a loved one, unemployment or you find yourself financially broke because of this economy…and just surviving becomes a full time job. Cling onto God! He will help you.

Waiting to hear news of an outcome may also be brutal…But refuse to live in fear. Know that God will always take care of us, whether you are aware of it or not.

I know what I preach. These are not just words to fill a page. They are from my first hand experiences with Jesus.

Always, always have trust in God in your current and future situations, no matter what!

Ask HIM for his help…
HE can hear you and HE loves you.
Nothing is impossible with God!

Have Faith that everything will turn out for the best in your life!
We can not always see the benefits to some things…but God has a reason.

So what do you prefer?

You can make a choice right now – Trust in God or live in fear of the unknown?

– -  – – – written by K. Frangeskos from Jesus Knows You Best

1 thought on “Trust in God or Live in Fear?”

  1. Dear Georgy,
    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to spread God’s loving message to all your friends and followers of your great site, TURN BACK TO GOD.

    I too, am like you…and have a great passion for letting others know…how great Jesus is!
    Jesus is our loyal friend and will guide us through each day…if we allow HIM to.
    Jesus loves you all and there is nothing HE will not do for you! Ask HIM…and if it is good for you…you will receive it!

    I hope all who read this post were inspired…and I thank Georgy for his generosity.
    Georgy, I know God will repay your kindness.

    God Bless…
    K. Frangeskos at
    Jesus Knows You Best

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