Poem : The Church Of Christ

Oh there is but one Church of Christ Formed upon the ‘Rock of Saint Peter’. In fact it is the Body of Christ and is led, At present, by one of Peter’s successors. A series of Christ’s representatives renamed ‘Popes ’ after some years of church existence Witnessing to faith in Christ while opposing Evil … Read more

Poem : Love Without Borders

I want to be Your weakness The one you can’t Say no to The one you value Over all others The one you give Yourself to Expecting only to Have such love Reflected back upon Yourself in reciprocity. The more you give Yourself to me The more I return This love to you. The deeper … Read more

Poem : Becoming…

I never truly saw anything Until my heart opened my eyes Crawling alone in silence Each move closer to the Source of sustenance. I then, as a Chrysalis Stood still to spin my cocoon. Laying still, silent and prostrate inside Awaiting transformation. And when the time was right To emerge complete and Fully changed. Becoming … Read more