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October 8th, 2010

Tell A Friend option in TBTG

Tell A Friend sign

Today we have added a new option called ‘Tell A Friend’ in this website. You can see an image (as given above) saying Tell A Friend in the left and right sides of this website.

This new option allows you to quickly send emails to your friends with direct links to the current page you are reading on this website, so that they also can easily have a look at it.

Following are the steps involved in telling your friends about a particular page here.

After reading an interesting article here in TBTG, click on this image link displaying ‘Tell A Friend’, either the one on the left side or the right.

A new window pops up showing you 3 options. They are :

a) Enter E-mail Address

On selecting this, you can enter upto 5 of your friend’s email address and on clicking NEXT, you will be presented with set the email-message page where you can edit the mail content (which will be just an invitation saying come and view this page). On clicking NEXT, you will see a human verification page. DO as told and click on ‘Send Email’ button to finish the process. All the 5 (or the number of emails you entered) emails will get this notification mail which will be containing a link to the current page you shared with them. 

b) Use Your Address Book

Get your contacts from yahoo, GMail or windows live. A very easy way to notify all your email contacts about the interesting page you are reading now in TBTG. Select this option. You will be asked to select the address book you need (GMail, yahoo or windows live). The following steps include logging into a particular mail account from these 3 according to your selection.

You may have to confirm that you permit this application to send mails to your contacts. You can pick  the desired recipients from your address book listed there or you can simply click on the ‘select all’  so that all your mailbox contacts are selected and then continue as in the first option a. Quick mails with link to the current page, to all your mailbox contacts. Cool, isn’t it?

c) Social Bookmarks

Share the page to over 150 social networks including the famous facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, digg etc. Links to all these networks are displayed and you just need to choose the ones you need, where you want to share this page.

Please do share the articles

We highly encourage you to use this ‘Tell A Friend’ option on the two sides of this site, to tell all your friends about any interesting article or song or any resource you find interesting in this website. This way, you are indeed helping us in spreading God’s kingdom all over the vast Internet, which needs to be cleaned up urgently. Thanks in advance for ‘Telling A Friend’ about us. God Bless You All.   

So come on, Tell Your Friends about this website, using this new ‘Tell A Friend’ option we got for you. Let more and more people enjoy this christian website.

September 12th, 2010

LordMovie Website

Lord Movie website

Friends, I stumbled across a website named

Its all connected with the Holy Land. Lets hear what its owner Nicola has to say.

About LordMovie website:

My name is Nicola, as a Christian born in the Holy Land, I have been blessed with the joy of discovering Israel religiously. In turn, I’m even more delighted to be able to share my discoveries with others just like you.

The domain Lord Movie was inspired by its proximity to historical places of worship which I frequent on a regular basis.

I have created this website with the intent to showcase religious sites in the Holy Land and to exhibit religious articles made in the Holy Land by its Christian inhabitants.

You will see a magnificent collection of olivewood rosaries, olivewood crosses, olivewood statues, silver art, and jewelry all from Jerusalem. A list of hotels, restaurants and their availability is also given here, to assist you if you are planning to visit the Holy Land.

If you are interested in acquiring any of the items for yourself, or your loved ones, please contact me at: For each purchase you make, 10% will be donated to churches across the Holy Land to assist in community work, and to assist fellow Christians in need of hope and a better future.

Visit the website:

The URL of the website :

Its a very good website with many Christian stuff to buy like Holy Land Rosary, Jerusalem Scented Rosary, Olive Seeds Rosary. A real helpful guide if you are planing a pilgrimage to Holy Land. The site has other useful spiritual articles too. Check them out now.

August 6th, 2010

New Prayer Request Page At TBTG Website

Can We Pray For You

Yes – We created a new Prayer Request page on TBTG website, taking into consideration all the requests we were getting urging us to make such a page here. It was high time to have a dedicated prayer request page. The result brought about this new page here…

Go to the Prayer Requests Online on TBTG Website

We promise to keep all the personal prayer requests you send, private and confidential with our tbtg prayer team alone and none of that information (let it be your Name, Email ID or content of your request) will be shared to another third person.

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.” – Mathew 18:19

We strongly believe in the power of prayer, especially the power of a prayer group. It has done wonders for us till date. This website you see here is one of the results of our group prayer. So we strongly urge you to send all of your prayer requests, be it big or small, to us using the page at Prayer Requests Online

We have also included a shortcut image to our prayer requests page in TBTG site. You will find the image at the top right side of this website. Just click on the prayer image to go directly to our prayer requests page.

Our prayer team (intercession team) was getting mentally prepared for this, last few days. And we are all set to receive your prayer requests. Just spread this message among your friends, so that they too can use this new feature in this website. Let Us Pray.

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