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April 6th, 2009

First Anniversary of TurnBackToGod (TBTG)


Its been one year since Turn Back To God (TBTG) is around the Internet. Today we celebrate the First Anniversary of TBTG. TBTG came into existence with my first post here on April 3rd,2008 and here’s that post – The Prodigal Son turning back to GOD

Now TBTG has 1410 Posts and here’s the link to the 1000th one – My 1000th Post on TBTG

So its been a glorious start for my site Turn Back To God , much better than I expected. I am very happy to inform all of you that TBTG has found its place on the first search result page of Google for many different queries. After this important and wonderful first year, TBTG has made many achievements which can be known by just looking at the current traffic stats of the site.Take a look…

TBTG Stats :-


Total —  93,823
Average Per Day —  1,208
Average Visit Length —  4:39
Last Hour —  52
Today —  1329
This Week —  8,459


Total — 346,074
Average Per Day — 4,722
Average Per Visit —  3.9
Last Hour —  171
Today —  5,250
This Week —  33,054

(stats provided by SiteMeter)


Google PageRank – 2/10

Alexa Rank – 147,720

Average Users Online – 10

Feed Subscribers – 215

Countries that visited TBTG – 193

traffic chart

(stats provided by Flagcounter)

I know very well that all the above achievements of TBTG are through the Grace of The Almighty One and my brothers and sisters all over the world who were seeking Him and spreading Him via the Internet. Thank you Lord and Thanks to each and everyone of you for making this little venture of mine a grand success. I know I cant tell ‘THANKS’ and go. Here are some special anniversary gifts to all of my readers……

Special Anniversary Gifts:-

(Each file put beneath for download is a compressed zip file, each containing about 40 different pictures)

Jesus Christ Pics – – –

Virgin Mary Pics – – –

Please click on any of the above 5 zip files (each approx 4MB size) and be blessed with the largest collection of Jesus and Mary wallpapers.

Latest Additions to TBTG :-

Poll – I have included a poll on the right sidebar of this site which asks you whether you are a catholic, orthodox, protestant or non-christian. I am sure people from all the above 4 categories visit TBTG, so its just to know the percentage from each group. If you have not voted yet, please feel free to visit my site and vote in this poll.

Users Online – This simple widget shows the number of people on TBTG at the current moment

Live Traffic Map – This shows live hits to TBTG on the world map (its just under Users Online)

Translations – This widget in the right sidebar helps you to view the site in your own language.

Google Friend Connect – This in the left sidebar helps you to connect with other fans of TBTG

Subscribe to Feed Click Here if you want to subscribe to TBTG and keep yourself updated

Subscribe Via MailClick Here if you want a mail in your inbox whenever TBTG gets updated

I hope I will get all support from all of you, to carry on this mission for our lord.

PS: All the money generated from TBTG shall go only for charity works.

March 18th, 2009

Why Subscribe To TurnbackToGod Feed

tbtg subscribers

Turn Back To God is a blog on Christianity. We publish daily updates with many resources which all will find very interesting. Are you a Christian? Do you like to follow Jesus? Then I recommend that you subscribe to our feed. You have the options to subscribe via rss or receive feed delivered straight to your inbox as your emails.

Subscribing is VERY EASY and you get all those contents posted here for FREE, without the need to ever come to our blog, each time I post here.  That’s not all.


As the blog is more than two years old, you may find it difficult to select from the 2000+ posts. Subscribing simplifies this task as you select to read topics of your choice from your feed reader or from the mail which you get whenever there is a new post here.

Dont worry about email spamming – Because even if I post 10 posts a day, you will only get one email (it will be ofcourse clipped at the end in that case)

Other than the valuable information published on this blog, TurnBackToGod gives more incentives to its readers who subscribe. Once you’ve subscribed, you automatically qualify for any future giveaways. How cool is that. :)

* TurnBackToGod respects your privacy and will not sell your email or send you garbage and spammy feed. If you don’t like the feed you’re receiving, unsubscribing is only two clicks away.

Subscribers to TurnBackToGod feed become better people, more well informed christians and they become my friends. When you’re my friend, of course, you get special treatments! ;)

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So what are you waiting for?  Why don’t you try

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March 1st, 2009


follow us on twitter

Hi Friends,

I know most of you will be very familiar with Twitter. But this post is for those who are not so.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? And you got to say that in just 140 characters only. Its all about ‘microblogging’.

Watch This Video on Twitter to know more

What is the whole gain : –

1. You keep telling your circle of friends what you are doing every minute or hour.

2. You get to know what your friends are doing

3. You get connected to a lot of people with similar views or in same profession

4. You get updated information and resources that your friends on twitter (those whom you follow) share to their followers – that means to you also!

5. You get instant traffic to your blog/site/social profile page using twitter. Imagine what will happen if  you have 1000+ followers in twitter and you tweet your latest post url to them!!!


So it all comes down to this : if you are a religious person, search twitter and start following people like you to get tons of information/resources you always dreamed about.

So whats holding you? Join Twitter Now

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