Poem : She is My Mother

She is My Mother

She is a woman Who feeds, cuddles, and loves me. The one who gave birth to me. I’m her greatest fan. She is my mother Who loves my father, Does anything for her children And takes care of her grandchildren. She is my best friend too, Comforts me when I feel blue. She is my … Read more

Poem : To My Best Mother

To My Best Mother

To my best mother, You and my great father Take good care of your children. In good and bad times, you’re there. To my best mother in the world, You’ve shown your genuine love When I was still in your womb. From newborn, I knew I was secured. Thank you for being my mother. You’re … Read more

Come To The Mother’s Lap

Come To The Mother's Lap

There is a place Where you feel safe There is a place Where evil cannot harm you. There is a place Where fear becomes impotent Where the diseased heart Is healed. Come to the mother’s lap Here you feel safe Here the evil in the world It is forgotten in a loving embrace. Come to … Read more

Poem : Is This Your Child?

Dirty Boy

Is this your child? someone asked me when I was shopping in a crowded store. Is this your child? I stopped for a moment and looked at at my son. He hadn’t let me comb his hair that day, and he wore his favorite teeshirt which was decorated in ketchup red and chocolate brown. His … Read more