Jesus Advice To Sinners

Jesus Advice To Sinners

Whether you are Christ follower, a fence walker, or a non-believer who just stumbled on to this post by chance, Jesus Christ has something to say to you right now. He has called out your heart amid a digital stream of millions to make sure you hear His voice and understand how far His love … Read more

Jesus In The Quran

Watch the above video clip. It is an interview with Mario Joseph, the Muslim priest who is right now a Christian, preaching Jesus all over the world, across many countries. This 34 minute video clip is so touching. It really amuses all of us Christians who had never even cared to see what the Quran, … Read more

Poem : Save Me From Myself Lord

Save Me From Myself Lord

Save me from myself, Lord; Save me from my need To always run my life, Lord, To control my every deed. Save me from my pride, Lord, My focus on just me; Help me learn to serve, Lord; Show me how to be. Save me from the world, Lord, When tempting things entice; Remind me … Read more