Sexuality And Chastity

Watch the 15min video shown above. The video is on sexuality and chastity in a Catholic’s life. Most people think that the Catholic Church hates human sexuality and bans the practice of it except for the necessity of having kids. Well, in fact most of us are just simply misinformed. We need to understand what Church … Read more

Video : California Proposition 8 ; Vote ‘YES’

Proposition 8 will appear on the November 2008 ballot in California. It is variously known as the Protect Marriage Act, the Same-Sex Marriage Ban or the Limit on Marriage Amendment. If it passes, it will add a new constitutional amendment to the California Constitution that will have the following text: “Only marriage between a man … Read more

Vincent and Pauline Matherick : Foster Parents

Vincent and Pauline Matherick : Foster Parents Who Refused to Teach Homosexuality resign Vincent and Pauline Matherick, who have fostered 28 children, are having to resign because they refuse to teach their foster children that homosexuality is okay. Earlier this week, the Mathericks were asked to sign a contract to implement new Sexual Orientation Regulations … Read more