A Prayer For Healing

A Prayer for Healing

At the dawning of this new day let it begin with you, our Saviour and redeemer. In our weakness be our strength. In our stumbling be our guide. In our brokenness be our healing. In our darkness be our light, at the dawning of this and every new day. At the closing of this new … Read more

Do You Want To Be Healed?

Do You Want To Be Healed

Those who wish themselves to be sick cannot be healed even by God. This is a strange question, “do you want to be healed?” Jesus asked this question before healing people. He particularly asked this question to the paralyzed man lying by the side of the pool for thirty eight years. I wondered why Jesus … Read more

The Secret of Healing

Secret of Healing

Our level of power or holiness has nothing to do with our ability to get ourselves or our loved ones healed. Take the case of Peter. In Acts 3, he used the name of Jesus to get the man lying at the Temple Gate healed. In so doing, he declared that his (Peter’s) level of … Read more