77 Fruits of Holy Mass

77 Fruits of Holy Mass

To omit hearing Mass merely from carelessness or indolence would be proof that we were either ignorant of, or indifferent to, the divine treasures it contains. God grant that those who read this may in future appreciate more fully this pearl of great price, value it more highly, seek it more diligently. 77 Fruits of … Read more

Poem : Our Eucharist

Our Eucharist

Oh, You are God As You once claimed Along with Your Flesh and blood Christ Jesus named. You became a man Because You are Love Through bread and wine We share eternal trove. Oh Bread of Life May I receive You daily On Calvary at Holy Mass For You are Our God Our Eternal Eucharist … Read more

Book : For A Worldwide Eucharistic Revolution

Worldwide Eucharistic Revolution

Book Title: For A Worldwide Eucharistic Revolution Author: Liam Ó Comáin Read the book review of For A Worldwide Eucharistic Revolution written by Liam.The review is by Patrick Hunter and to those who read it, may our eucharistic Creator feed them mystically. The Book Review This to be welcomed publication contains articles, prayers, meditations, and poems … Read more