Book : I Just Can’t Take It Anymore

I Just Cant Take It Anymore

Even though were not living through the Great Depression, it sure feels like it, doesn’t it? The headlines are depressing. The economy stinks. Businesses are closing. Families are losing their homes. Things are a mess in Washington. If you are like me, I am sure you know someone who is having a really rough time … Read more

How The Spirit Of Christmas Changes The Entire World

Christmas Spirit Changing The Entire World

The Christmas spirit visits us every year. We celebrate with presents and letters to Santa along with charity and concern for those less fortunate than ourselves. We express our Christmas spirit with adornment and surround ourselves with pine trees decorated with ornaments, houses lit in multi-colored lights and street lights outfitted with holiday characters. Every year … Read more

Family – The Training Ground

Family The Training Ground

Beware of the spiritual generation gap among our children. Any role of leadership in society, whether social, economic, political or religious would have its root in the hearth of the family, without which it is impossible to exercise any authority. We are fundamentally what we are at home. We act and react the way we … Read more