Story : Tears Become Worship

Tears become worship

Once a Jewish Rabbi started his prayers for the people in the congregation. He wanted that God should listen to his prayers and forgive the sins of all those who had assembled in the synagogue. That moment he heard the voice of God. It was something like this: “Let Tam pray for you. If Tam prays for you, I shall forgive your sins and bless you.”

When the Rabbi heard the voice of God he was terrified. However he gathered courage and turning to the congregation, he asked, “Tam, where are you? Come forward quickly!” The Rabbi did not know who Tam was. As he was waiting anxiously for Tam, a poor man came forward trembling all over with fear and anxiety.

As the poor man was standing there quiet puzzled not knowing why he was called, the Rabbi told him what he heard from God. Tam told the Rabbi, “I will pray for you, let me go and take the prayer.” But Tam returned to synagogue with a small earthen pot in his hand. He raised the pot and prayed like this: “Holy God, You know that I don’t know how to pray. But whatever I have I offer You. This pot contains my tears.”

“When I pray to you in the night, I remember my wife and children. My eyes get filled with tears when I think that they cannot get to Synagogue because they do not have proper clothes. Then I remember the poor people and the beggars. I see how they suffer from bitter cold, scorching heat, hunger and thirst. Then I cry again. Before those tears are dry I remember how we brothers scream and fight with one another. Then again I cry. I further remember how you suffer and cry remembering our trespasses. My sorrow then overflows beyond bounds. All these tears I have collected in this pot.”

The prayer of Tam was heard by God and He blessed all those who were present in the Synagogue.

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The Bible asks us to be always ready because the Son of Man may come at the most unexpected time. Reciting prayers by rote in a mechanical fashion, without meditating upon their content and meaning will not bring Heavenly blessings. Build up your life by meaningful prayers. Become aware of the miraculous strength of prayers. All prayers reach God and He responds.

The divine spirit that flows into us through prayers will help us to face any crisis of life with equanimity and optimism. God knows all our needs. What we need to do is keep close proximity to God. Jesus asks us to pray constantly. It is when we pray for others that God showers us with greater blessings. So let’s become children of prayers.

It is when we pray regularly, heartily and sincerely that God interferes in our lives and good things happens to us. Let us believe in God firmly and behave sincerely with our brethren.

– – – written by Surjith Jacob

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