Story : Jesus Loves Me

The long queue

Jesus Loves Me

It was a very hot day, sweat and irritation was in abundance. Traffic was hectic and the A/C in my car was not cooperating either. I had to run so many errands and since the baby sitter was on leave, I had to take a day off and take my 4 year old son wherever I went. I was just hoping that he behaved well the entire day because I was definitely not in a good mood.

I had to pickup a book for my friend who was celebrating her birthday the next day, so I ran to the bookstore, (Remember I was literally dragging David, my son along with me) and the check out line was very very very long. I did not want to drive to another bookstore to avoid the long line because I did not want to get fried in the heat again.

The checkout line looked like a giant snail to me. I looked at my watch so many times that I thought that even the watch looked like a snail. I could not smile at anybody nor could I interact with my son because “I WAS TOO IRRITATED’, I wanted to finish all my errands. Everyone around me also had a tired and irritated look on them. My son who was trying to get my attention by talking to me about his school, his friends, the beautiful sun, butterflies, a little girl, sounded too boring to me. (How rude can I get huh!!!!????!!!)

I finally had it, I turned towards my son to tell him to just be quiet because his joyful chatter was giving me a headache, but he just smiled at me and started singing “JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW……..YES! JESUS LOVES ME, YES! JESUS LOVES ME” – by now he was LOUD. I was first embarrassed, because people turned their heads towards us, but then I noticed that the heat, the long line or my mood did not affect my boy, but the joy of the Lord, made him sing. Everyone turned and looked at David and smiled at him. Everyone were smiling, (even I was), the line seemed to get shorter, the checkout person was wishing everybody so sweetly.

My errands list looked shorter, my mood was better, I picked up the book and hugged my son who reminded me that Jesus loves me and I need to pass on His Love and not my irritation on others, because He is there to take care of me, I should just enjoy all the situations and keep praising Him. When I stepped out I thought I saw a cool cloud passing by.


The joy of the Lord can change any bad situation into a pure joy, next time you are down with depression or just irritation, just start humming, Jesus Loves Me…..(it worked for David, it will work for you too, because Jesus is definitely there to take care of us).

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