STAR – Remember what it represents…

Star Bethlehem

Over 2,000 years ago on a dark winter night, an amazing event occurred. A star of incredible brightness appeared over a small town in the area we now call the “Middle East”. This star was a signal that the Savior had been born.

Its brightness drowned out the light of all the other stars, a bright shining light in the darkness of man’s existence. The light of this stellar event was to serve as a beacon to all. It was not just visible to the rich, but also the poor. Kings and paupers both trembled in awe of this signal from the Almighty. The sight of the angel of the Lord, appearing to the shepherds in the fields, was to announce the coming of the Savior.

The wisemen of the time knew that this coming had been foretold, and journeyed to the town to worship the newly born child. The celestial body acted as a guide, an ancient day “Bat signal”. Calling those from near and far, to Bethlehem. This infant was the promise of the Messiah, the Lamb of sacrifice. Born so that the world might know God, and sent to his death so that the world might have everlasting life.

A shining beacon that both the poor and the prosperous were drawn to. A symbol of unquestioning love, of forgiveness and of the life we should lead.

In His birth, all eyes turned toward heaven, for this was a miraculous star. And in His death all eyes again were lifted upward, there hanging on a cross, beaten and bleeding. Both of these scenes hold the same promise, Love from the Father and forgiveness for all of our sins.

When you look at your Christmas tree this year, look at the gifts under it, then allow your eyes to move upward to the star. Remember what it represents.. . a new life, announced by a brilliant, sparkling light.

Sent to show the way, to remove our sin, and to bring the love of the Lord into our hearts. As you look at this decoration, take time to think of this…you are doing the same thing that peasants and princes did over 2,000 years ago. Lifting their eyes to a sign from God, and bending their knees in honor of the gift below.

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