Rosary For Busy People

Rosary For Busy People

These are Rosary meditations for the Hail Marys. It is for those who would like to meditate on the mysteries & still finish their Rosary in 20 minutes! Let us set apart 20 minutes a day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary who does not hesitate to lavish upon us innumerable & most precious graces we need to perform the duties of our state, our christian duties & to sanctify our souls!

Joyful Mysteries (Monday, Thursday, Sunday of Advent)


1. Mary is Ever Virgin
2. The Angel greets Her,“ Ave Maria !”
3. Mary is ‘Full of Grace’
4. Mary is Ever Blessed
5. Jesus is the fruit of Her womb
6. Mary is Mother of God
7. Mary said ‘Yes’
8. The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary
9. All things are possible for God
10. Mary obeyed God


1. Mary visits Elizabeth
2. Elizabeth is pregnant
3. Mary is the Help of Christians
4. Mary is the Arc of the Covenant
5. Mary is The Mother of the Lord
6. Mary Magnifies God
7. God is Her Savior
8. All ages shall call Her Blessed
9. John the Baptist is born
10. He asked people to repent


1. In the Beginning was the Word
2. The Word was God
3. Through Him all things were made
4. The Word was made flesh
5. The Angels sing !
6. The Shepherds adore !
7. The Magi bring gifts !
8. Myrrh to honor His Crucifixion !
9. Frankincense to honor His Divinity !
10. Gold to honor his Kingship !


1. Jesus is taken to the Temple
2. Jesus is Consecrated to God
3. Mary is purified
4. Jesus is not subject to the law
5. Yet to teach obedience He submits to it
6. Mary does not need purification
7. Yet in Humility She submits to it
8. Simeon blessed them
9. I have seen thy salvation
10. A sword shall pierce the Immaculate heart !

Finding the Child Jesus:

1. Jesus is 12 years old
2. He goes to the temple for the Passover feast
3. Jesus stayed back in the temple without His parents knowing it
4. They realize that He is accidentally lost
5. They are anxious
6. When we lose Jesus we are anxious
7. No Jesus, No peace
8. Know Jesus , Know peace
9. On the third day they find Him.
10. Everyone is astonished at His Wisdom !

Sorrowful Mysteries (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday of Lent)

Agony in the Garden:

1. My soul is sorrowful unto death
2. Be vigilant & watch
3. In His agony He prayed more earnestly
4. He sweated blood
5. He saw our sins
6. Our sins wound His heart
7. Let this cup pass away
8. Not my will but thine
9. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
10. Pray for perfect contrition


1. He is falsely accused
2. He is taken before Pilate
3. Barrabas is preferred to Jesus
4. Jesus is scourged
5. He suffered to pay the price for our sexual sins
6. Our Body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit
7. We must keep our bodies pure
8. He is wounded for our transgressions
9. He was bruised for our iniquities
10. By His stripes we are healed

Crowning with thorns:

1. Jesus is the King of kings
2. His kingship is mocked
3. They strip off His clothes
4. They make a crown of thorns
5. They force it upon His head
6. They give Him a reed as scepter
7. He suffered to make reparation for our pride
8. They spat on Him
9. They struck Him on the head
10. Jesus is the King of the Jews

Carrying the Cross:

1. He carried the whole world’s sin on His shoulders
2. He was condemned to death
3. He fell 3 times
4. His shoulders were wounded
5. He met His Mother
6. Ema(Mother) , behold I make all things new
7. Holy Face of Jesus , I adore thee !
8. Weep not for me , but for yourselves !
9. Take up your cross & follow me !
10. My yoke is easy & my burden is light !


1. Jesus is nailed to the cross
2. Father forgive them
3. This day you’ll be with me in paradise
4. Woman behold your son
5. Son Behold your Mother
6. Mary is the new Woman(Eve)
7. I thirst
8. It is finished
9. Into your hands I commend my spirit
10. Precious blood sanctify me !

Glorious Mysteries (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday of Easter season & ordinary time)


1. Jesus is Risen !
2. Jesus is the resurrection & life
3. Death has no power over Him
4. Fruit of this mystery: Faith
5. Faith in His Divinity
6. Faith in the efficacy of His Crucifixion
7. Faith in His Resurrection
8. He is no longer in the Tomb
9. His resurrection gave us a new life
10. Blessed are they who don’t see, yet believe !


1. I am with you always
2. Go & preach all nations
3. The Holy Spirit shall empower you
4. My peace I give you
5. Jesus gave them the ability to forgive sins
6. The fruit of the Ascension is Hope
7. Hope of His return
8. Hope of Eternal life
9. Christ is King
10. Jesus is our mediator with the Father


1. The Holy Spirit Enables us
2. The Holy Spirit intercedes
3. Holy Spirit the Deity
4. The Holy Spirit is our Friend
5. The Holy Spirit enlightens us
6. The Holy Spirit is the Finger of God
7. The Holy Spirit is the Spouse of Mary
8. The Holy Spirit empowers us
9. The Holy Spirit sanctifies us
10. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Grace & Life


1. The Immaculate goes to Ephesus with St. John the Beloved
2. Mary Consoles , comforts & strengthens the apostles
3. Mary nourishes the church
4. It is time for Mary to go to Heaven
5. Mary goes to make Her Stations of the Cross
6. Mary longs for God
7. Mary’s death is called Dormition (Sleep)
8. She is Assumed into Heaven
9. Her Body & Soul are with God
10. Mary, obtain for me a Happy death


1. Mary , Queen of Heaven & Earth
2. Mary, Queen of Angels
3. Mary, Queen of all Graces
4. Mary , Queen of Creation
5. Mary , Queen of Redemption
6. Mary , Queen of all Saints
7. Mary, Queen of all Hearts
8. Mary , Queen conceived without original sin
9. Mary, Queen of the Rosary
10. Mary, Queen of Mount Carmel

– – – written by Aditya Tawde, servant of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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  1. These are just great, but what about the Luminous mysteries? (Thursdays.) Please provide meditations for those.

  2. I appreciate you people’s work of the Truth about Virgin Mary and the Catholic Faith. Thanks and do not relent.

    However, I implore you to base your teachings on the latest Catholic principles. Make sure you follow-up the current Catholic teachings as the Pope approved it so that you won’t mislead the Catholic faithful and the general public.

    For example: Your teaching about the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary is outdated; On the 16th of October 2002, Pope John Paul II in his apostolic letter “Rosarium Virginis Mariae” announced the addition of the Luminous Mysteries to the Rosary; (which is not mentioned anywhere in your article), this he did over 10 good years ago, I wonder why you haven’t updated your article yet.

    Please do good to check out this link and update your article:


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