Lady with her dog on beach

He bounded from one side of the beach to the other, frolicking in the ocean and sand. He then would race through the sand dunes onto the grassy plateau behind the condos which lined the beach.

He was a black and white mixed breed, with long hair and a long tail, and I never did discover his name. I walked up to a lady holding a leash, assuming she was the owner of the dog.

I told her what joy it gave me to see her dog free and unleashed, having such a grand time. She agreed it was a sight to behold, and I went on my walk.

On my return, the master and the dog were still on the beach. As I drew nearer I became concerned because the dog had run so far ahead he looked like a pencil in the distance. I was afraid he would get lost or be hurt in some way and not be able to get back to his master.

I approached the owner once more and said, “Aren’t you afraid he won’t be come back?”

She told me this five year old dog had been her pet for only three months . She got him at the humane society, where a family who was moving had left him. She rescued him from certain death, and somehow I think the dog knew how special an owner he had.

She was able to give him all the freedom he desired, because no matter how far he roamed, he always returned.


God rescues us from certain death, and gives us life eternal through Jesus Christ. He stands with leash in hand, allowing us freedom galore. We may run from place to place, and even get far away from Him, but we will return.

He knows it; once we are His, and we have been trained in His way, we shall return. The Bible gives us this promise, and I believe it is true.

– – – By Marion Smith

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