Prayers For Irene Victims

Prayers for Irene victims

We pray for Irene victims, that

– in God’s mercy and grace Hurricane Irene will reduce her speed and damage impact on all who will be affected, that many lives will be spared and property protected.

– rescue efforts be quickly facilitated to respond to the emergency.

– the Lord sends His people to help the helpless.

– folks will turn to the Lord who holds everything in His hands and that they remember from whence cometh their help and source of life.


O Lord, I pray for those in the path of hurricane Irene, for the families who lost their loved ones, whose homes have been destroyed and for the safety of the families in the states and cities that haven’t been hit yet. I pray for their safety in Jesus name. Amen.


Father God, we come to your throne with prayers for our brothers and sisters, children and animals who are in danger from this natural disaster called Irene…please be in their midst to ease the pain, to help stranded and isolated people be rescued, please send in Angels of Mercy, Peace & Grace, Oh God, we pray! We are asking Miracles, Father, we know you are the power on which we can lean.. Your power is so much more than that of Irene, yet she is capable of reeking much havoc and destruction!!! We ask you to be ever-present, working through people who are willing to allow you to work through them!

Heroes & sheroes are needed to flood the areas of devastation, with their love, financial support, and bodily strength….send many willing warriors to march in, during this time of overwhelming need, and to bless the lost, homeless, hurting, the weak and affirmed… as well as the survivors of deceased, oh God, we are at your mercy…we give it all to you!!! Oh Father! Bless those who do march in, give them extra Faith, Strength and Courage to do what needs to be done!! Please, give them supernatural power to be of assistance where ever needed, and supply all their needs as they help others!! Thank you, father God for hearing and answering our heart-felt prayers!!

Shine Your divine, supernatural light on theses areas that people who are trapped, alone, aged, young, and/or incapacitated in any way, will be found and saved in time! Spare lives oh God, we as mere mortals know not why these things happen…. all we do know is to run to you, our creator, our protector, and to give to you all the praise, honor & glory forever and ever!!! Amen.

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