Prayer Accepting Jesus as Saviour And Healer

Saviour and Healer

Jesus Christ, our Lord, I realize that You are the only saviour sent by God for the salvation of mankind. I believe that You are God, the Lord almighty. I accept You as my God and Lord. I avow that no other name under the heavens and among the people has been given for our salvation. (Refer Acts 4:12)

O Jesus, the Lamb of God, who bears all the sins of the world, Your blood cleanses me of all my sins. Jesus, my saviour, you are my Lord, who heals me. I firmly believe that it is not any medicine or ointment that heals me but it is Your, all healing word Oh Lord. (Repeat several times). I believe that I am fully protected from the villainy of Satan by the name of Lord Jesus.

I avow that “all who pray crying out Your name will be saved”. – Wisdom 16:12

Praise Him, Thank Him

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