Pope Benedict XVI Pics 03

pope-benedict-xvi-0301 pope-benedict-xvi-0302 pope-benedict-xvi-0303 pope-benedict-xvi-young

pope-benedict-xvi-0305 pope-benedict-xvi-0306 pope-benedict-xvi-0307 pope-benedict-xvi-0308

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pope-benedict-xvi-0313 pope-benedict-xvi-child pope-benedict-xvi-0315 pope-benedict-xvi-0316

pope-benedict-xvi-0317 pope-benedict-xvi-0318 pope-benedict-xvi-0319 pope-benedict-xvi-0320

Take a look at another set of 20 pictures of Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Benedict XVI, born Joseph Alois Ratzinger on 16 April 1927, is the 265th and reigning Pope, by virtue of his office of Bishop of Rome, the spiritual head of the Roman Catholic Church, and as such, Sovereign of the Vatican City State.

He teaches the importance for the Catholic Church and for humanity of contemplating God’s sacrificial love and has reaffirmed the “importance of prayer in the face of the activism and the growing secularism of many Christians engaged in charitable work.”

Pope Benedict was also the founder and patron of the Ratzinger Foundation, a charitable organisation which makes money from the sale of books and essays written by the Pope, in order to fund scholarships and bursaries for students across the world.

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  1. Are your images of Pope Benedict XVI copyrighted, or is it public domain? I am working on a project and would love to use one of the images as a model to create a drawing, so the image would not be the photo. I would appreciate a reply.
    Rick Anderson

  2. Some of these pictures are stunning and would be great to use. Where did they come from? I noticed one of them refers to CORBIS on the pictures.

  3. Hola hijito recibe un saludo de Paz y Bien para ti y toda tu familia,gracia por todas esa imágenes y reflexiones que a diario envías son todas muy hermososa que Dios Uno Trino siga Derramando muchisisima Bendiciones, en todas las áreas de tu vida, porfy te pido nuevamente que ores muchisimas necsidades por las que estoy pasando, Económica, familiar y por mi salud.

    Spanish – detected to English translation>>

    Hello son received a greeting of Peace and Good for you and your whole family, thanks for all the images and send daily reflections are all very beautiful One Triune God Blessings continue muchisisima Pouring in all areas of your life, you porfy ask you again to pray A LOT necsidades why I’m going, Economic, family and my health.

  4. To see the pictures and appreciation of pictures are not enough in true life. Pictures does not has any mean. . . The POPE want and desires, all to follow the real rules and regulations of the religion. Try all to follow these.

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