Poem : Womb Murder

Womb Murder

In cooperation with
Our fathers and mothers
God ensures
The conception
Of each of us
In our mothers wombs.

Yet, there are those
Who support
The destruction
Of a heart beat
Leaving a baby lifeless.

And if I had been
Such a victim
What is now condemned
Through this piece of simple verse
Would not have contained
My signature.

Murder is murder is murder…!

– – – written by Liam Ó Comáin

3 thoughts on “Poem : Womb Murder”

  1. The world would have been better off if you had been such a victim. If you’re against abortion then fine, but there needs to be a freedom of choice. You can’t base laws on some sort of god or gods that don’t exist. With the right to abort everyone’s better off.

  2. Simon,
    I would like to hear the opinion of those who were murdered with apparently your support.

    It is purely murder.You cannot call a brick a tin if it is really a brick.

    I wonder would you be better of if you had been murdered or aborted- which is the same act.

    If someone wanted to kill you,Simon, would it be ok?

    You must have been a great supporter of the death camps in Europe during the 20th century.

    I now pray for you and your like hoping that murderous intent will be long absent from your minds when you experience the moment of ‘Truth’that is death.

  3. Also,Simon, what about the freedom of a child whose life is being brought to an end?Your concept or idea of ‘freedom’stinks with egotistical slime.

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